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Gravesend Public School has a strong focus on STEAM/STEM.

STEM learning experiences involve explicit learning and teaching of syllabus content which is applied in project, problem or inquiry-based learning situations that are authentic.

Effective curriculum planning and programming for STEM learning and engagement supports teachers to differentiate their practice in response to the varied ways students learn

  • Give consideration to learning across the curriculum and having high expectations for all students.
  • Students have a voice in their learning
    • in their choice of project
    • mode of communication
    • findings/solution materials
    • investigations and strategies to be undertaken.
  • Length of allocated class time needs to sustain deep thinking, investigation and an integrated approach
  • Co-creation of learning experiences and assessment tasks needs to include all stakeholders - classroom teacher, teacher-librarian, RFF teacher and students
  • Students can experience a variety of strategies, manipulate a variety of materials and develop skills in the use of a variety of tools and equipment.
  • STEM education is a way of thinking and doing which involves pedagogy, spaces and internal and external agencies.
  • Share results and/or products of project-based learning experiences with authentic audiences.

The workforce of the future requires high levels of skills, responsible thinkers and creative thinkers.

Gravesend Public School is part of a Learning Alliance with nearby small schools. We work together to deliver STEAM projects each year. Projects include but are not limited to Young Entrepreneurs Market Day, Kitchen Garden and Film Making.

Read over the NSW DoE Guiding the direction of STEM in NSW, for further information. 

Students at Gravesend Public School develop critical and creative thinking skills through coding, problem solving  and project-based learning using a range of resources including Ozobots, Sphero Robots, Minecraft Education and micro:bits

The DoE's STEM.T4L program enagages students in online STEMaSESH workshops with STEM experts across a variety of fields. 

Visual Literacy Projects develop student's story-telling skills with the use of technology. Teaching and Learning is supported by resources from STEM.T4L The Student Filmaker and Film By..

Students design and create a range of purposeful products using Tinkercad Design and 3D printers.

Collaborative online learning is developed through use of Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom

Our school Kitchen Garden provides an opportunity for students to engage in hands on STEM learning by growing and cooking using fresh produce in our school kitchen facilities.