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Homework at GPS

GPS Whole School Homework Program 

Our whole school homework plan keeps parents informed of what topics are covered and when.

Each week there is a spelling/sound focus, a speech topic (News for K-2), mathematics topics and additional responsibilities.

Students are encouraged to practice their spelling words each week and complete a speech to present on Thursday mornings in class, to build up confidence when presenting to an audience and develop Public Speaking Skills. Maths work booklets will come home each fortnight for parents to see what their child has covered and any areas that need additional support.  If there are any unfinished pages they can be completed at home with you.

The additional ‘Own Choice’ activities are for students to continue to develop as contributing members of their household.

Students are encouraged to read every night and fill in their Reading Log. Students in the primary grades are asked to complete a reflection on what they have read in the comments section provided, this assists with students’ comprehension skills and transferring information to long term memory.

Teachers provide students with feedback on their spelling, speeches and maths during lessons each week. Student’s Homework will be tracked with a mark of attempted or not attempted each week.

Homework is not mandatory and will not be used for assessment and reporting purposes.

Visit Homeworks tips for primary school, for further information on how to support your child with homework activities.